Good news! Another Exam for Real Estate Brokers

Good news! Another Exam for Real Estate Brokers

Good news! Aspiring Real Estate Brokers who had failed in the last May 24, 2015 PRC board exam can re-take the exam this coming 2016.

Last May 2015 exam supposed to be the last examination allowed by RESA Law without the need for Real Estate Management (REM) Course, the turnout of the last exam was pretty low with only 5,220 out of 10,370 passers. This means there are 5,150 expected examinees in addition with the graduates of REM in 2015.

In the oathtaking ceremonies of the new real estate brokers PRBRES Chairman E. G. Ong has announced that there will be another real estate brokers’ exam in 2016, thanks for the heads up of Ma'am Cherry of Foreclosure Philippines.

And so the Board has decided, for those who did not make it in the May 24 examination, to give the flunkers a second chance. So with the permission of the Commission, we might give it (in) the first quarter of 2016. And that is to show that our industry and the real estate service profession is a very robust profession, that we want everybody to be on board. So that we can reap the glory, the success that our profession can give. It will always be good morning real estate to all…

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