Residential Housing 101

Residential Housing 101

Residential Subdivision – is a parcel of land partitioned into individual lots for residential purpose. In the Philippines, we have socialized housing under BP220 and housing under PD957, see more.

Amenities – the common amenities in a subdivision are: clubhouse, swimming pool, parks, playground, gardens, basketball court and others.

Facilities – the common facilities are electricity, water, security, telephone and cable and others.

*Single Detached – is a family house that is surrounded by its lot or with open spaces around.

*Single Attached – a family house where its firewall or one side of the house is attached to the boundary lot.

*Duplex House - is a family house that is separated by firewall.

*Row House – a housing that consists of 3 or more units which are separated by firewalls.

*click here for the type of houses.

Ready for Occupancy – a house that is completely constructed and livable. We don’t have standards to make a unit be called RFO as there are no existing laws that requires if it need to have a complete facility. Other houses in subdivisions on other hand sold with Bare Finish, Standard Finish and Fully-furnished – click here for other details.

Ready for Construction – a house can be built anytime because the land has been developed with underground drainage, facility connections and roads.

License to Sell – it is the requirement of HLURB to sell subdivision projects or condominium units to the public.

Pre-selling – if the developer has secured a license to sell from HLURB and offers the units to the public, however, there is no land development yet

Turnover and Move-in – in the Philippines, units or house turnover varies by financing. We have Pag-IBIG Financing where units are turned-over after loan take-out. In bank financing, the turnover occurs once the house is fully constructed according to specification. While in In-house financing, some developers require at least 20% payment of the price which is excluded of interest.

Deed of Restrictions – is the master deed that states all the rules and guidelines of home improvement and community rules within the subdivision.

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