How to avoid Online Scammers?

1. Their advertisement contains a lot of hype and exaggerations, but few specific details about costs and how it works, etc.

How to Avoid Online Scammers?
2. Is the offer too good to be true? Is price online way too low compared to market price?

3. They ask for payment upfront and most tell the buyers that there’s one item left.

4. Look for their social network profile accounts. In Facebook, search their email address and name if matches and look for the account details and Facebook activities or transactions history. Does the seller use real name?

5. Google it. Using Google search, it is possible to see if the seller’s account is real, has complaints or a credible one. You may search through names, email address, and contact numbers as well as complaints. Online sellers have advertisement records in free classifieds, website or social networks and a better way to see if seller is consistent with specific items.

6. Do they have website? Website address, same with Facebook accounts, is like an official business address online. Real sellers invest in domain websites or active Facebook accounts for long term investment, whereas, scammers normally don’t.

7. Check their location or business address. With complete address, it is possible to search its exact location using for example, Google Map, to show if their business is real.

8. Never transact and make payment online if the company or person is not a known website or you may search for complaints of specific site in Google.

9. Meeting place, pick up points or delivery setup. It's always safe if the buyer himself would specify meeting place near the desired meet up of seller. Public places like malls or restaurant is recommended and never on places like MRT stations or crowded open places. Is delivery setup is organized and coordinated?

10. For bank deposit payment, is the bank account name same with the name that the seller uses?

Follow your instinct and make your own judgment. Be safe, God Bless.

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