Common Beliefs in Buying Properties

Common Beliefs in Buying Properties

Filipinos, like other nationalities, have traditional home buying beliefs that they inherited from our grandparents. Because of our strong family ties, buying a house is a very important decision not only for a buyer himself but for the whole family. For some, family member's and friend's advise on beliefs are an important factor in decision making.

Throughout the years, we have been influenced by Feng Shui - a popular Chinese belief. Here I listed some traditional and common beliefs in buying properties.

1. East Factor

- As a seller, I am normally being asked if the property is facing East, West, South or North. The EAST is the very common preference, to make sure that you get a property facing East, be sure to avail property early.

2. Lucky Numbers

- Number 8 is a lucky number, in Chinese the word eight souds similar to the word "prosper" or "wealth". So expect a unit with number 8, wether in condo or housing is sold fast. For some buyers they are very willing to invest to a unit with No. 8, regardless of its price. *

3. Bad Luck

The number 4 "four"sounds almost exactly like the word “death” in Chinese. Some developers already disregarded this number and skip to number 5. Also the number 13, which popularly known to give bad luck. *

4. Negative Vibes

In Feng Shui, a house is located in arched or T-shaped roads brings negative vibes. For T-shaped road, it gives traffic and busy movement in the area thus giving negative vibes or tensions around it. While the arched road is likened to a knife pointing towards a home that brings negative vibes to a family. *

On the other hand, properties in T-shaped roads are very good for business.

5. House Structures

- Our grandparents believed, good luck may come in and go if doors and/or windows are aligned. The same also applies to fronting houses with fronting windows and doors as it is believed to welcome bad spirit to come in. Though it's a lesser impact to buyers nowadays as condo units or house can be renovated and improved later on.

With these common beliefs, some developers already made adjustments to their projects because there is a big impact on buyers decision making. Actually, some investors or buyers are willing to wait or will look for certain properties with these preferences.

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* Reference: 
Jeff Fitzpatrick  |  Sotheby's International Realty Canada

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