In Sales, Honesty is the Best Strategy

In sales, honesty is the best strategy; it's the foundation of networks and the stairs for success.

There are two types of sellers, the honest and the not so honest. I started real estate career as agent five years ago, I’ve been in many developers and had met hundreds or maybe thousands of fellow sellers already. And with all the unique differences, it's nice to know other seller’s stories. In duties, gatherings, events like open houses and sales rallies are always an opportunity to build networks, share business cards and listings. On the negative side, it's the time to know the true colors of others.

In real estate, life of a seller is very challenging; there are ups but more of hard times. If luck is on your side, everything seems to flow your way even at the very least effort.

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A fellow seller, who had his millions in span of three years, is an example of success? (hmmm..) Going to top really takes an effort, sweat, time, hard work and some dishonesty??? Well, it works for this fellow seller. I still remember when he takes jeep going to projects and activities, and after a year he got his first car.

The sales you close would be your voice within real estate groups or developers. What happens if bad karma comes your way? What if your network of sellers loses trust in you and complaints pour in? This is something some sellers don’t realize. They only see the commissions in every closing and not realizing the side of buyers or if they are taking advantage of other sellers. Promising affordable computations and hiding some fees in the process or giving assurance of loan approval even if they know the client is not qualified.

In sales, it's not all about the interest of the buyer to avail of property. All people want property investments, they want a dream house for their families. But not all interested buyers are qualified; this makes a difference from helping buyers or taking advantage of them.

There's nothing really permanent in sales. If you're on top today, expect a rough road tomorrow. If you have not gained client trust, you lose more referrals and sub-referrals. And if you lose your network’s trust, never expect loyalty and more sales. In the end, commissions or money are like bubbles, it will disappear like what happened to a fellow seller. You cannot regain the trust that you have lost.

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In the long run, honesty is the foundation of all. For sellers, it’s more sales referral and productive network; for the community it’s better development and competitive pricing; for buyers it’s satisfaction and owning their dream home and for the nation it’s balance economy and avoiding real estate bubbles.

Indeed, honesty is the best policy and in sales it's the best strategy.

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