Flooded Areas in Metro Manila and Other places

Flooded Areas in Metro Manila and Other places

This is another very helpful tool in making the right decision on where to invest property. Location is very important to property investments, whether for business or for primary home.

After all the typhoons and floods that struck us, I'm sure most property buyer's concern is the flooding history of one location before making investment.

We've previously known Altitude of Location which is another tool that illustrates the history of flooded areas in Metro Manila and other cities. It's really very important not only for buyers and/or sellers but also for government to plan ahead or develop a contingency plan and for developers to create a solid plan to avoid flooding incidents to their projects or better to avoid making developments in the flood prone area that may risk communities.

The Nababaha.com sites, and here are illustrations of flooded areas in some of the places specifically in Metro Manila.

*Manila, Makati, Mandaluyong and Others
Flooded Areas in Metro Manila 1

*Quezon City and Others
Flooded Areas in Metro Manila 2

*Marikina and Rizal
Flooded Areas in Metro Manila 3

*Las Pinas and Paranaque City
Flooded Areas in Metro Manila 4

The flood maps show areas affected by flooding induced by severe or significant rainfall (as experienced during Ondoy). Smaller volume of rainfall may still produce flooding but with significantly less height and extent of flooding.

For a more detailed illustration and other places please visit Nababaha.com and contribute to the project.

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