Top 5 Free Classifieds in the Philippines 2014

Here are my Top 5 User Friendly Classifieds in the Philippines.








I've been in online selling for five years now, I am a web developer/webmaster and SEO Expert. This site has been my alternatives over free classifieds and Facebook and with no any cost this site has tremendous growth in traffic with Google search.

Now, as I personally monitoring Google and Free Classifieds in the Philippines, I had the list above based on the following criteria:

1. A Free classifieds that serve locally
2. A User-friendly layout, less 3rd party ads
3. A Classifieds for all items
4. A fairly fast loading site
5. Personal experience browsing all classifieds I found in Google search

Thanks for reading, please share if you find it useful.

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Good day! I'm Jerome, your friendly Real Estate Broker with PRC License 0012399 and HLURB registration. Just sharing simple tips, please share if you find it useful! Thanks!

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  1. Free Classifieds Philippines is doing great and its newest property portal


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