How to Write a Check - for Housing Buyers?

Checks now a days is a necessity for most businessman and companies. It's the safest way for payments, either be like for office supplies order, a construction materials order, company to company payments, payments for professional services and others.

How to write a check?

Having checking account is a big responsibility and requires discipline in its use. It's not recommendable for use on regular shopping.

How to Write a Check or Post Dated Checks (PDC) - for Housing Buyers

Availing house and lot or condo would normally requires check payments on all types of financing. Starting with the Reservation Fee, a dated check is recommended if you don't want to bring cash during site viewing, this is to hold a unit at certain property development you are interested with. After your reservation, you are needed to pay down payment usually between 12 and 24 months through Post Dated Checks. Most banks issue check booklets of either 25 or 50 pages for each booklet.

To give you an idea, here's how to write on checks.

How to write a check?

a. Payee 

- write the name of the person or company who will receive the payment, after the labeled "Pay to the order of". The name should be exact name to whom should received. A differences in spelling will not be acceptable to banks and will require you to rectify it or provide another checks. Avoid abbreviations unless it is the official registered name of the payee.

b. Signature 

- Your signatures should be the same as the signatures you have signed in banks Specimen Signatures. Never sign a blank check or issue a signed blank checks.
              Payor - the owner of check who is paying to the order of the Payee and who signed the checks for payment.

c. Amount in Words 

- write it right after on the labeled Pesos underline. Make sure the amount in words is the same as the amount in figures specified, generally in case of differences the Amount in Words is the basis of tellers.

d. Amount in Figures 

- write the amount in numbers right after the Peso sign to avoid any insertion. For centavos, it is recommended to use the (.)dot sign then the 2 digit numbers. Example Php.1000.15

e. Date 

- write the date when will the check is supposed to be encashed by the payee. If you have the scheduled payment, then follow the corresponding dates. This format is recommended: March 14, 2014 or 14-Mar-2014

Wrong Way of Writing Checks

Guide to write a check

Right Way of  Writing Checks

writing a check

Checks Monitoring

How to write a check?

Important Note:

- Use black or blue ball point pen.
- Write legible or a readable penmanship.
- Avoid unwanted spaces between word or numbers.
- Avoid erasures, in case of erasures, you need to have it countersigned.
- Make sure the Amount in words and Amount in Figures are the same.
- Countersign should be the same as with your signature on the signature field on the check.
- Never sign or issue a signed blank check, anyone can fill it out, put large amount and have it encashed.

What to Avoid?

Avoid Bouncing Checks or a non-sufficient fund checks. It is expensive to settle due to stiff penalties charged by the bank. It also negatively impacts your credit worthiness with banks and other financial institutions and worst may cause you a legal issues.

So, make sure you have sufficient funds and don't forget to monitor you balance.

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