The Socialized Housing and Economic Housing under BP 220

The Socialized Housing and Economic Housing under BP 220

"Merun pa lang dalawang classification ng housing sa batas na kailangan ikuha ng License to Sell." as one of my mentor pointed out. He continued, "mahirap ibenta ang property kung hindi mo alam ikumpara ang isang property sa isa." He's referring to why there are houses with prices below 400,000, around 1 Million, 2.5 Million and above.

These knowledge  made me say,  "ahh oo nga". Well, as an ordinary seller, all we know  is just to sell property and help client owning their dream home. These ideas are actually very helpful as many township and housing projects sprouting around provinces and are many option for buyers that make them confused with the differences.

Pag-IBIG Housing

I'm referring to Housing Projects under BP 220 and PD 957 classification which both need a separate license to sell a housing developer need to apply for at Housing Land - Use Regulatory Board (HLURB).
For now here is the Socialized and Economic Housing both under Batas Pambansa (BP) 220.

BP 220 - Minimum Design Standard

By Minimum Lot Area

House Design                   Socialized Housing         Economic Housing
Single Detached                        64 sqm                           72 sqm
Duplex/Single Atached              48 sqm                           54 sqm
Row house                                28 sqm                           36 sqm

By Minimum Floor Area

18 sqm for socialized housing
22 sqm for economic housing

By Price Ceiling

Php. 450,000 and below for socialized housing
Php. 300,000 to 1,250,000 for economic housing

BP 220 Law requires and encourages the developer to offer out and deliver affordable and quality housing for the people to have a balanced housing development in the country.

With all the differences, we cannot compare properties in different classification like comparing prices, features and amenities or the communities between socialized housing, economic housing or medium cost housing.

For complete detail  and IRR of BP 220 see this link:

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