Checklist in Buying Property Part 1

The Checklist in Buying Properties is all about the list of common concern I had observed and experienced as Real Estate Practitioner, it aims clients to come up with the best buying decision.

It will be in Three Parts: 

Checklist in Buying Property Part 1 - talks about the property and developer
Checklist in Buying Property Part 2 - talks about the clients' pre-qualification process
Checklist in Buying Property Part 3 - talks about in choosing the right Agent that will help clients in their investments.
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This is another technique in buying process. As we all know there are so many things we come across during house hunting that makes us really confused with so many options at hand. This checklist is very useful in comparing properties to identify which is best fits to our purpose in buying a property.

I made it an open ended lists so clients could add other concerns to the list. This is comparable to a SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat ), depending on client's level of data research.

Whatever your purpose is in buying a property - a residential housing, rental properties, for businesses and others - do a personal research and be keen on details.

I have some articles that you may use: how to determine distance and altitude (above sea level).

Here is the Checklist in Buying Property - Part 1.

How to use: The list is made for residential housing or any property investments. You may use N/A if concern is not applicable. Just check  Yes or No according to your data/observation and specify the details that corresponds to every concern, come up with your conclusion, compare and finally decide the best for your property investment.

This is another unique and useful idea for buyers that are still confused and unsure of their investment plans. Though, not all property investments require thorough analysis as this, sometimes, your preferences, your instincts and recommendation from friends would be enough to analyze and make decision.

For first time buyers there is a need to be keen on details and be 100% on your investment plan because it is a long term commitment and for most Filipinos it is attaining ones dream to have a house or property as investment coming from hard earned money. There are many stories of mistakes made in buying properties and having a research will absolutely help you avoid those mistakes.

The above lists can be used in determining the best property investment decisions but viability of business would need a separate feasibility study.

Good luck! I always hope for your best investment decision.

Thank you for reading, please share if you find it useful.

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