Career and Opportunities in Real Estate Industry

Last year, our country had a bullish economy inspite of the world economic down turn as a whole. This strong economic performance is easily noticed with the continuous real estate development in the metro. More buildings are up to rise, more office and commercial spaces were planned for new developments, more township and communities are set to start.

Thanks to government efforts to fight corruption and attract more investors in the country and the continuous support of OFW's to invest their hard earned money back home. Continuing this trend would create more opportunities not only on the real estate industry but for the economy.

Career and Opportunities

Have you ever wonder how many income opportunities were created in one condominium tower of 30 floors? Well for thirty storey, there could be 800 condo units and construction might last for 3 years. With that, there will be around 400 sellers to benefit the sale of condo if each had 2 unit sales, not to mention the construction workers and others job directly created during construction.


Real estate is not all about the professionals selling properties. There are many projects that are up to rise, many opportunities are also created for back office, consultancy, sub contracts and others.

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Here are the opportunities and career you might consider in the real estate industry.

A Licensed Real Estate Broker
A broker for sales agency in direct listing properties or in developer projects of condominium and house and lot; A broker for purchase or exchange agency serving for big companies or individuals acquiring and selling properties that will meet their demand; For lease agency of wide lots, commercial lots or buildings to be used for commercial industries.

Any 4-year Course and passed the Real Estate Brokers Licensure Examination.

Registered Salesperson
As Salesperson, they are authorized and registered sellers under the license broker primarily selling properties of house and lot or condominium projects.

At least 2nd year college and undergone a Continuing Process Education (CPE) at least 12 Units - a real estate seminar.

Real Estate Appraiser
An appraiser’s task is to determine the fair market value of land, building or machinery and equipment. In government, they are called assessors who make an assessment of our properties usually every 3 years for the purpose of real property tax. Going private, as appraiser you will be tasked to assess the value of company properties for selling, disposition, insurance and taxation purpose.

Any 4-year Course and passed the Real Estate Appraisal Licensure Examination.

Real Estate Consultant
As a consultant of big companies for legal, taxation, technical, transfer process in acquiring properties. They are also conducting feasibility studies for the viability of projects like subdivisions, condo and other real estate developments as well as consultant for urban planning and development for the government.

Requirement: 10 years’ experience as Real Estate Broker, or 5 years’ experience as Real Estate Appraiser to qualify for Real Estate Consultant Examination.

Others Opportunities: Developer Employees, Property Managers, Bank Property Appraisers, Real Estate Developer or Dealer, Educator in Real Estate Training School and Lessor like malls, office spaces and apartments.

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Like in any profession, the above careers and opportunities requires education, trainings and the most important are interest, passion and creativity. A degree in Real Estate Management course is now offered at colleges and universities, while seminars are available from authorized realty boards.

It’s actually a very challenging industry for those who want to pursue. Many successful real estate practitioners today had ups and down so patience, hard work, motivation and strategies are also key to become successful in real estate career industry.

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