Bungalow and Two Storey House

Bungalow or Two Storey, which do you prefer? At first, you may loudly say “ I want a two storey for my family” but here is the situation.


The Bungalow House has a 150 sq. meter lot with 50 sq. meter Floor area while the Two Storey House has a 80 sqm. lot and 80 sqm floor(up and down). You have a family member of 5 including your mother. You were a young couple with 2 kids and decided to live outside the city due to high rental fees of condominium and instead opt to avail housing. The price of both properties is Php. 1.5M though each house model is with two different adjacent projects. Your budget will allow cash payment with savings left in your bank account.

Before making a decision on which house model to avail, you had made a personal research about the property, compared the value of both properties, each project’s package such us amenities, facilities, quality of houses, security and maintenance, but all things are of the same weight.

The next thing you did is make a comparison on each unit, though by price both are reasonable at Php. 1.5 Million. Here is your comparison.

If Bungalow at 150 sqm lot for Php. 1.5 Million

  • With two Bedrooms, your mother needs to share a room with your two kids and other room will be for the two of you as couple. 
  • At 50 sqm floor area, you have wide yard for future extension. 
  • Since Bungalow, aside from horizontal extension you can also make for 2nd floor extension and at the same time still having a car park on your house side. 
  • Since your lot is 150 sqm, you have an option to allot space on the side of your house next to other property.
At Bungalow, for 5 member of the family is very small, your family will sacrifice a bit until your house extensions. At least your mother is willing to share bedroom and a good thing for this is the bonding relationship of your kids to their grandmother.

If Two Storey at 80 sqm lot for Php. 1.5 Million

  • The house has 3 bedrooms, one for your two kids, for your mother and a master’s bedroom for you and your husband. 
  • Your wide floor area could give a well-organized living, dining and kitchen area. 
  • Since the house is a two storey, floor extension will be limited. 
  • Your parking area and a garden is enough for the lot on the side of your house.
At Two Storey, a 5 member of the family is well suited to have bedroom except for your two kids – who will share a room. The disadvantage for this is the minimal lot space for horizontal extension.

Decide for Your Family’s Need and Plan
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In the example situation above is for young couple with two kids and her mother. The two house model is comparable because it has the same price and with almost the same project offering. The client would only need to weight her decision based on her family’s needs and plan.

As I always point out on previous articles, we are making our decision based on what will be the best for us, for our family. It always depends on our preference and needs.

Whether the clients take the Bungalow or Two Storey, it would always be a good decision. And I’m, letting my clients and you to decide for your need.

The topic was based on personal experience which could give readers an idea and could help in planning and decision making regarding to avail of one’s dream house.

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