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The Philippines belongs to typhoon belt of the Pacific that is frequently visited by typhoons or storms per year. Aside from typhoons, the uncontrolled deforestation is our environmental problem alongside is inappropriate throwing of garbage everywhere that frequently caused us flooding particularly in Metro Manila.

It’s not to refresh all the damaged those typhoons brought us but it would help understand our subject matter: Altitude of our location - the height above sea level.

Being concern with location’s altitude as a real estate practitioner, I made some research but could not really distinguish how I could make some credible altitude information about certain areas.

A certain location might be flooded because of poor drainage system or could be caused by garbage blocking. With this, at least we can do something to avoid flooding problem. If our house location is situated at low altitude or just as level as the sea, we cannot do something in this matter but to be attentive with warnings and relocation if typhoon occurs.

During my research, I found some sites that could help us determine the altitude of places.

Here are the easy steps to know your location altitude using the site:
1. Markers are used for showing the altitude for a specific place.
2. Above the marker is the altitude that shows in either meters or feet.
3. For placing a marker click on the desired place on the map.
4. Click and hold on a marker for the possibility to move it around.

Sample altitude using
  • An altitude at the site of SM SouthMall Las Pinas has 36.69 meter above sea level.
36.69 m. at SM Southmall Las Pinas using

How to use 

1. Click on the map on a location where you wish to find the altitude
2. The altitude will be displayed in the message box below the map and when you hover over the marker
3. You can click to place more than one marker and return to hover over each in order to find out the altitude again
4. Click the [Clear Map] button in order to remove all markers and start again
5. Use the search option to find a place 

Sample altitude using
  • Using this site for SM Southmall Las Pinas at the same location has 36.755 meters above sea level.
36.755 m. at SM Southmall Las Pinas using
  • Another example, at SM Baguio City, both sites has 1,489.++ meters above sea level.
1,489.89 m. at SM City Baguio using
1,489.397 m. at SM City Baguio using
  • At the deep of the sea specifically the Manila Bay using the two sites, give us almost the same results at -29.++.
-29.49 m. at Manila Bay using
-29.515 m. at Manila Bay using
  • At Marianas Trench latitude 14.+++ and longitude 146.+++ (not exactly the same), also the results is quite different, see below.
-6,597.73 m. at Marianas Trench using
-6,412.033 m. at Marianas Trench using

The two sites have almost the same results provided, the marks are placed in the same longitude and latitude. As to readers reviews, there are mixed opinions on the user of while the users has no option for comments. Comparability, the two sites has almost the same results but all these results not necessarily means an accurate one, have it try yourself and give us your reviews.

I find it very useful for my presentations in every project I have, not to be detail of its exact altitude but at least have the information of an approximate altitude the project has.

Even though we have these altitude sites to help us, it’s better to see the place personally before making decisions to buy a property. Add to that, these sites are very helpful also to understand a location if we had purchased a property or have a business in certain location, you could use altitude to determine if your property is at risk to asses if you need to avail of insurance.

Thank you for viewing, please share if you find this site useful.

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