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Real Estate Stories: "The Seafarer’s Wives"

On a Thursday afternoon I got an online inquiry from a Filipino Seafarer regarding the house and lot that I’m selling. He communicated with me through email and social network, we chatted on details and other concerns regarding a property. He was convinced and excited about it. He also referred one of his colleagues who also became interested. Let’s named them Seafarer A and his colleague as Seafarer B.

They gave me the contact number of their wives here in the Philippines and I got both wives scheduled for site viewing on the Saturday following the inquiry. Seafarer A’s wife, Mrs. A is located in a nearby town to the project and Mrs. B is living in the Metro Manila, so I fetched Mrs. B first at a mall in Manila and then Mrs. A along the way to the project site.

It was their first time to meet each other though they are aware that their husbands are friends. They talked on the way to the site and they’re started to ask questions about the area. I wilfully provided background about the neighboring communities and potential development of the area.

Location is very crucial to the buying decision. Mrs. A at least, had an idea since they were living in the nearby town for few years now, while Mrs. B has no idea at all about the area. Mrs A is with her son, who is having fun on our trip, you will see how bonded and happy they are together. Mrs. B was quiet until her phone rung, she answered the phone, “okay Mare, and see you in mall in 2 hours”, after she hung up, she turned to me and asked if we can make it in two hours going back to the mall after presentation.

I needed to thoroughly explain all aspects: the house, community, and the prices. Mrs A’s son had a good time playing in the pocket garden in front of model houses, as his mother is very keen on details asking follow up questions on details that I discuss. Her utmost concern is the nearest school for his grade school son. Mrs B is also listening; she has some concerns on transportation going to the Manila and site proximity to malls.

Regarding the financing terms Mrs. A wants to clarify the monthly down payment and amortization and so I needed to compute it in them manually. Mrs. A’s concerned if it’s possible to give more down payments so they have a lower monthly amortization. Mrs. B is also paying attention to my explanations but often glancing at her phone, sometimes looking at her watch. She is concerned with the down payment and monthly amortization, saying it’s hard for her to budget the monthly down payment because it would mean giving up personal expenses.

On the other hand, Mrs. A told me they have savings enough to cover 20% DP. She understands that paying out more on down payment will give you a lower monthly amortization

I’m almost done with my presentation and I gave each of them a sample computation. They appreciated the community and house models but for Mrs. B, the location was a bit of an issue. I asked if it’s possible for them to reserve so we can hold their preferred unit. They were both hesitant and agreed that they need to discuss it with their husbands first.

I dropped Mrs. A and her son at the pick-up point and I was with Mrs. B on the way to Manila to drop he off. It was around 4 in the afternoon, unfortunately there was a heavy traffic at Coastal Road. We got stuck in the middle of traffic and Mrs. B was getting uncomfortable as she phoned her friend that she’ll be late for their meet up at the mall.

After a week, I phoned Mrs. A and ask her if they’ve made a decision, then we met up in the office the next day to reserve the unit for them. She paid twice the required down payment and their monthly amortization is as low as possible. That same night, I messaged Seafarer A and congratulated them for their investment.

On the other hand, I phoned Mrs. B hoping to get the same feedback; unfortunately, her number can’t be reached so I just sent her a message.

I emailed Seafarer A and kept him updated of the progress. I got the chance to ask him regarding about his colleague, Seafarer B. He told me that he hasn’t heard from him yet.

After 8 months, Seafarer A called me on my phone and asked me if it’s possible to get to the site right away. I didn’t think twice and immediately went there. I was surprised that it was their Move in Day, I realized then that I was so busy working with my other clients to not remember the turn over date. I was welcomed, witnessed their House Blessings and a partied with them. They also gave me a gift.

While outside, Seafarer A approached me, gave his warm hand and said “Sir, Congrats me for this, thank God we made it! You know what; it’s our dream house for our dream home and thanks you so much for the assistance, you’re right kailangan natin ang lakas ng loob, with this kind of decision.”

It’s been a pleasure to assist these clients as I become part of the fulfillment of their dreams.

Before I left their house, Seafarer A told me that his colleague was diagnosed of an illness and he needed to quit the seafarer‘s job, and Mrs B has separated with him since then.

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