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Can I have a fliers? May I see the map? Where are the available units? Can you please give me a detailed computation? Lots of questions from clients and it's okay,it's a good sign if clients ask more details on the things they want to know about your project. Clients are asking questions to give them the best decision on their investment plan. Are you now ready with your materials?

Here are the common materials an agent should have during presentation.


My calculator is my best friend in closing sales. It's very credible if you can give client a detailed sample computations and not just assumptions. It's up to you as agent what type or size your calculator is as long as your comfortable doing computations in it. Of course, cellphone is not recommendable to use, there are many good calculators you can choose from. At your calculator cover, it's a good idea to tape a copy of your most commonly used factor rate table.


Flyers create an impression upon clients, we are giving flyers at mall or in the public places. Prospect clients have your flyers going home and will somehow consider if they plan to invest in property. An attachment is a good way to give more emphasis about the project you are selling.

Map and Inventory

What if the clients were interest and convinced and you forgot to get an updated inventory or bring a map during site viewing? Sometimes a map and inventory is available at the site but not most of the projects. It's still an important material for the hard-to-convince clients. If they are really interested, you can invite the client to see the inventory in the office and do a trial close at the same time.


As an agent, whenever we are outside we should always have a good ball point pen.. Always be prepared; a good ball point pen to establish a good impression about us, and be better if you have back up pen in time of presentation.

Calling Card

Calling card would give another plus points for us as an agent, flyers can be lost but calling card will usually be kept by clients because sometimes they are still in the planning stage and with calling card, you have a higher chance of getting called for presentation or closing.

Though there are agents I know that were effective even without some of the above materials. Most successful agents have their own unique personalities that impress buyers, and closing a deal by chance is very rare unless you were always at site or model house duty. Bottom line is, always better to be prepared with your materials.

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