Commonly Used Real Estate Abbreviations

Commonly Used Real Estate Abbreviations

BIR - Bureau of Internal Revenue
BG - Bank Guaranty
CGT - Capital Gains Tax
CLI - Credit Life Insurance
CTS - Contract to Sell
CWT - Creditable Withholding Tax
DOAS - Deed of Absolute Sale
DP - Down Payment
DST - Documentary Stamps Tax
FI - Fire Insuarnce
HLURB - Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board
GSP - Gross Selling Price
ITR - Income Tax Return
LA - Loanable Amount
MA - Monthly Amortization
MRI - Mortgage Registration Insurance
NDI - Net Disposable Income
OCT - Original Certificate of Title
PDC - Post Dated Check
RA - Reservation Agreement
RD - Registry of Deeds
RF - Reservation Fee
RPT - Real Property Tax
SPA - Special Power of Attorney
TCT - Transfer Certificate of Title
TCL - Tax Clearance
VAT - Value Added Tax

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