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Real Estate Stories: "An Investor’s Mindset"

It was the month of December when I went for a site viewing of the house and lot project. The project is really a good investment by one of the proud developments of an established company.

My client is a single, overseas Filipino worker. While on our way he was excited to see the model houses and the location. He has properties at nearby city and he’s quite familiar with the place but not really sure where the exact location of the project is.

He has been working abroad and going homeland here only to have his vacation. While going to the project site he was amused with the development in the area. He told me that one of the mall in the city was then a public market before, the highway then was not concrete, that the private school was newly built, and the availability of public transportation where once there was none.

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The Project

At the project site, he liked the set-up of model houses; it has light interiors, nice arrangements of furniture and its modern exterior look. He appreciated the idea of the pocket garden in every house cluster and of complete facilities and amenities.

The Planned Development

The project is along the high-way and with public transportation going to malls in nearby cities. Most of all amazed of the planned value mall for the community just in front of the subdivision.

Other Factors

Going north about 15 minute drive from the project is the economic zone industries and going to south of the project is a developed commercial area. While going east is a national highway, so the accessibility is an additional factor for the project. Also, two of the best schools in the country is only 20 minute drive that makes a good potential investment the project is.
More Clarifications

After site presentation, we headed to office for more discussion on a 25-minute drive. For an interested client you could see in him the excitement and asking for more details about the project.

As a seller, I know this client will avail a unit. He’s one of the most excited clients I had. He was expressive of how such nice property is, though he needs to talk to my superior at office for more clarification.

I considered myself then a newbie as sales agent of the project and I needed assistance from my superior for thorough clarification. The client knows more about property investment, of what a good property is and what’s not.

After all the clarification, he was satisfied as to how it will be delivered, the maintenance of the community, the planned commercial development and the financing terms.

My instinct is right, my client is an investor, and he reserved for two units, got the best location and will be paying with the most affordable financing option. He told me that he has some properties in other cities that he availed while working abroad. He wanted to invest more of his income while young and before having family.

Actually I learned something from this client: he availed properties in the pre-selling stage, got the best location, a project with complete development, a good community, at an affordable price and soon for the purpose of leasing business.

A real estate investor knows a lot on the industry, they are updated with news, they know when and where to invest and investors always look for something in return on investment.

After a year, the two units were turned over to the client though my client was still abroad working. I informed him of the good news and he asked me I could take care of the house improvement and soon to manage it for rental.

And it was a pleasure for me since being trusted with their investment and now to manage it also and of course for some percentage on the rental income.

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