How to Detect Fake Title in the Philippines

These are the basic ways on how to detect fake titles.

First, ask a photocopy of title from your seller or owner, then ask for duplicate copy also at Registry of Deeds then compare if the initials, signatures, technical description, annotation and others elements are exactly the same.

The Title itself is written in security paper that is 50% cotton and 50% chemical wood pulp with artificially colored silk fibers.

The owner's copy of the title contains the word" Owner's Duplicate Certificate.

The Reconstituted transfer of certificate of title is identified by the letters "RT" preceding the title number, while reconstituted original certificate of title caries the letter"RO". 

Trace the history of a title by asking to it's neighbor and to owner himself, this also to avoid buying property with conflicts with owner's relatives and other person.

There are other elements and features of a title to look for or to compare with to confirm its genuineness, above were only the simplest way to detect fake title.

The details herein are not to encourage buyers to do it alone with themselves but to seek assistance from licensed real estate professionals in the buying and selling process including negotiating, transfer, mediate and all acts of real estate practitioners.

Your trusted Licensed Real Estate Practitioner - Agents (Salesperson) and Brokers could do it for you as the whole process of transfer needs a licensed practitioner expertise and assistance.

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