Flat Terrain and Rolling Terrain

I had been in different land terrain places and communities 
Kasa Luntian at Tagaytay
by Alveo Land
and here are some of advantages of both:

Flat Terrain Advantages
  • Easier to develop the land for housing
  • Not much effort landscaping your garden
  • Easier to maintain the roads

Rolling Terrain Advantages
  • Maximize view of the community 
  • Would create a beautiful landscape 
  • Optimize ventilation
Kasa Luntian a pround development
of Ayala Land Inc.

As you enter a rolling terrain subdivision, you would notice its beautiful landscape, there is a creativeness within the people and their houses. This terrain land type is developed with more creativity, enjoys its natural ambiance and form an elegant community out of it.

I’ve been in Baguio and Tagaytay and these are some of the best places to be well developed because good planning and development brings out the beauty of these places. Like any other rolling land type of community, a good and well budgeted planning is the key to maximize its advantage.

On the other hand, the flat terrain land is more of simple and efficient. Of course, price always varies on how the community and houses were developed.

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