Condominium or Residential Housing?

In the past decades, Philippine real estate had evolved and is still at peak in terms of development and competitiveness. Lot areas in the city had become scarce and no longer applicable for housing. On the other hand condominium, office spaces and commercial development had become a norm and they give you second thoughts about living outside the city if you had been accustomed of it.

Before, condominium living were for middle class as prices back then were expensive but through the years many developers had sprouted it’s construction development in and out of Metro Manila that makes if more affordable. Right now it becomes a buyer’s market; clients have the option on where to avail at a price that suits their budget.


Condominium ownership is very practical because your pad might be adjacent with your office, it may be near good schools in the city or walking distance to your favourite shopping mall. Less maintenance because of lesser space, garbage chute is just at your few door steps, security and maintenance is just a phone call; to put it simple, it’s a very easy and efficient way of living.

Condominium is very ideal for young professionals or couples because they are nearer to their office or job and will let you avoid rush hour traffic issues. A good property management of the condominium to maintain all the amenities and will give attention to orderliness of the whole community will make your daily living stress free.

On the other hand, at condominium living become very stressing if all things you had expected came up differently. Amenities and facilities should be what is specified to be delivered, and the property management should be effective.

Residential Housing

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Everyone has a different perception; some would still want to live in a residential housing to enjoy their family’s privacy. In your own house, no one is walking along your doorstep because there is a fence to secure your family. You could enjoy a fresh air and beautify your landscape garden or grill barbecue in your yard in the afternoon. Truly, at residential housing you can do what you want within your house and even you could beautify your house fa├žade that condominium could not allow.

If only the condominium or housing residential were in the same location, and with the same price, residential housing could be of advantage but since it’s not, advantages of the latter might weigh the former or vice versa, depending on buyer preference.

Deciding Factors

The two properties have its own advantage and disadvantage depending on a person’s perception and preference. Some of the time valued people I know would prefer a condominium rather than housing because its proximity to their favourite coffee shops and restaurant while other young professionals would still want to live in residential housing to get away from the fast-paced city life.

Other factor to consider is the complete package the project offers. Most condominium developments at present are resort- type condominium, meaning they give more than just basic amenities but a triple A amenities.

Most of all, the budget is the main consideration. An expensive property, either house or condominium is far different in terms of amenities, facilities, security, maintenance and location.

In the end, you will avail of the property that suits your budget and meets your lifestyle.

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