A New Found Career

My Real Estate Story: A New Found Career!

I am a graduate of finance in a University and was a working student at the time. Having to graduate in my mid-20s, I had a hard time getting employed in the corporate world. I had tried to apply in banks, insurance and others related industry with my degree. I've also tried in BPO companies but my English and accent is not enough to be in.

Fortunately, I got a leaflet in a mall regarding hiring to become agent. I didn't take much time to think and I tried it. I went for training and accreditation and having work on-site and booth manning.

Though for my first few months, I didn't have a good return on all my effort but I didn't give up. I looked for another product classification that is a middle end projects, for another few months that gave me sunburn and headache because I'm having my duty on- site along the road.This is my personal experience, you would understand the word "borabora" it you were already in the industry, it's a kind of traditional selling of properties, one of my unforgettable moments being an agent.

I am not yet (ever) ready to give up on this industry and my sales career. I need to prove something to my self and to people around me. My next stop is the other housing classification, an economic project. On my exit interview, I explained to previous supervisors that I need to look for my luck and so looking for another opportunity is a one way.

"I just dream of it, and it's likely going to happen and I'm happy with it" Henry Sy

Re-planning and re-transforming myself to be more competitive because improvement must be constant. After a year of doing things right with the economic project, every thing I dreamed of in this industry seems to be going the right direction. After a year I got my PRC-Broker's License, a property investment and good network of friends.
Nothing really was easy for all my achievements in life, but this transformation is just a start of another great challenge. I have been working hard and being patient so real estate is just another milestone. And I am ready to accept and explore greater challenges ahead.

Hope I gave you some enlightenment, success really doesn't happen overnight, for me its all about patience, hard work, passion, creativity and strategy. Good luck!

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