Bare Finish and Standard Finish

What are the differences between Bare Finish and Standard Finish?

Bare Finish
  • No divisions
  • No tiles 
  • Toilet and bath with fixtures and others

Standard Finish 
  • With Division 
  • With tiles 
  • Toilet and bath with fixtures and others 
Bare finish and standard finish specifications of a condominium or housing depends on every developer, but there are usually no tiles and no divisions for bare finish.

The Bare Finish

Most of clients say that bare finish is incomplete and they are having a hard time imagining how will be the unit be turned out. It’s a normal reaction for people to expect a complete package for a property.

A good property specialist will be able to change this impression. Not all people would think a bare finish as negative. Bare finish is the right property to buy if you are looking forward to beautify or personalize all details later in your unit. The property specialist will discuss what its advantages over standard finish are.

Since a bare finish unit has no tiles, you can minimize your cost in renovating the unit because ordinary tiles are used and it would cost money to have these replaced with the tiles of your preference. Everyone has a preferred colour and quality of tiles. The floor tiles could make our unit create a more pleasant ambiance. Just an observation (I’m not an interior designer), the design of house or unit will create balance if it will be matched with the floor tiles. Why? Because furniture and wall paint is easy or economical to replace rather than replacing another floor tiles.

No divisions would make our unit improvement not only to minimize cost, it’s also interesting and challenging for the unit owner’s creativity. Imagine your 100 sq. meter floor area for a two storey house you could make three big bedrooms, a maid’s room, small office or entertainment room, a well-organized kitchen and dining area, two toilet and bath and others. It’s up to you as unit owner to maximize and organize well the floor area according to your family’s needs and preference.

Those unwanted expense you could avoid with a bare finish unit might be enough for purchase of good furniture.

The Standard Finish

On the other hand, the standard finish also has advantages, if you are busy and there is no time to plan and personalized your unit; it will be a fit finish for you. Clients who are looking to move in early to their unit would usually prefer this finish because there are no immediate plans to renovate.

Deciding Factor
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Clients will buy the property either a bare finish or standard finish because of the project itself. The quality of the material used, the whole package the project can offer like amenities and facilities and the long term expectation for that unit such as maintenance and return on investment- tangible or intangible return. There are other considerations why a client buys a property, like a budget and location and others depending on needs and preference.

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  2. Let me get this straight.. Bare means not structure only, right? If i bought a commercial unit it should be turned over to me with glass doors, glass wall/window, with ceiling and plastered walls and flooring? Please let me know. Thanks.


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